Keeping streams flowing

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  • Published : November 21, 2013
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How the market can keep streams flowing
When many people give a speech or presentation to an audience their main objective is to break through to their audience and persuade them to side with them on their speech. In the video ‘How the market can keep streams flowing’ Rob Harmon does just that. He goes back and visits many ways water can be conserved throughout America and what we can do to potentially stop rivers and streams from drying out throughout the country. Rob Harmon puts many elements together in his speech to persuade and capture his audience’s attention of the crisis that is happening around our country and make his audience see what is happening around America and what can really be done about it and what we as America can do to help stop it.

Rob Harmon adds many visuals throughout his presentation such as actual pictures of the streams and rivers to pictures that he has made. Many people find pictures throughout a presentation or speech useful because many people are visual learners. Visual effects such as pictures in a presentation are smart to add because it often times gives many people something to look at so they do not get bored and it really drives the point home how bad water conservation is. Through visuals, Rob Harmon is showing his crowd how passionate he is about water conservation and how drastic measures need to be taken. The visual images really put into perspective for people how bad the streams are and how fast they are drying up. Visual aids during a presentation are also important because it really adds emphasis on certain points of your speech that are important and through visual aids it can make it easier to comprehend rather than having to picture it in your head.

Rob Harmon’s tone was important throughout his speech because it showed how passionate he was and how much the topic on water conservation really meant to him. During Rob’s speech, his voice was calm, direct on point but he delivered a lot of passion about his...
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