Kelly's Assignment in Japan: Case Report

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  • Published : January 21, 2015
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Kelly’s Assignment in Japan Case Report
Case Information
The Kelly’s Assignment in Japan case is about Kelly who is a program manager for a startup Internet services company and her attractive new job opportunity in Japan. Not only does Kelly get offered to head up the sales and marketing department in Tokyo but her company offers her a higher salary, bonuses, a relocation allowance, a rent-free apartment, and an education allowance for her two children. She has to make the decision to accept the job in Tokyo in two days, even though she knows nothing about Japan. Kelly ends up accepting the job offer and moves to Tokyo with her family. Once there, Kelly encounters a few difficulties with the Japanese at work. The Japanese delay getting Kelly their presentations, don’t look her in the eye, and often seem embarrassed around her. When the day of presenting her proposal to the client company’s CEO comes, Kelly has a misunderstanding of the Japanese way of presenting business cards, thus creating embarrassment all around. When she gives her presentation no one asks any questions but she is told that it was “very good.” Later to her disappointment, the company reports that they are not going to pursue the contract.

Kelly’s husband Joe and children also experience some difficulties in Japan. Joe is unable to find a new job and is concerned about living in a high-cost city on only one salary. As for the children, they are left out at school by the Japanese kids and are disoriented by the different customs, food, and classes. Kelly is determined to not give up on the assignment without success and feels that the three months they have lived in Tokyo is not a fair trial. With that being said, she is now dealing with making a decision on either sticking to the assignment and hope to work things out or to return to the United States and lose her promised promotion and maybe even her job. Issues/Problems

Kelly and her family not knowing anything about Japan...
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