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  • Published : December 1, 2013
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Lab Investigation 1.7: Graphical Analysis of Motion
Fall Semester 2012

For this lab investigation, you will be doing a formal lab write-up. Your write-up should follow this format:
1. Typed, CPI of 12, Standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Double spaced, Maximum writing of 3 pages, Your lab sheet with the data tables, and the graphs should be attached at the end, A cover page to include the title of this lab, your name, and your class section, Please note the lab sheet, the graph paper, and the cover sheet don’t count towards the 3 pages.

2. You should organize your report in the following format: a) An introductory paragraph stating the main hypothesis/objective of the lab. b) The main body to address:
The summary questions #1,#2,#3.
The sources of error and the two % error calculations. Focus your discussion on how each of the sources impacted your results and suggest a procedure to mitigate the error. c) Don’t discuss procedures, data collection, etc because these have been addressed in the lab and in the lab sheet.

3. Your writing:
a) Should be in prose, no bullets or listed points.
b) Should be in the past tense and passive voice. Remember, you did this investigation earlier in the week. Example: “The instantaneous velocity was calculated by dividing .04 m by the time of the main gate.”, and NOT “I calculate the velocity”. c) Should use proper scientific and physics terms and concepts. d) Adhere to the writing standard, as defined by your English teacher, for a Bronx High School of Science student, with proper spelling, subject verb agreement, punctuation, etc. 4. The following rubrics will be used to evaluate your report: a) Introduction paragraph 10%

b) The data table, completeness & neatness 10%
c) Data analysis:
The graph: proper scaling and neatness,
Best fit curves 15%
Calculation of the slopes, estimating
The area under the V vs. T graph 10%
d) Discussion
10% each for the three...
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