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  • Published : February 23, 2014
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Laughter is the Best Medicine
Oftentimes, people say that laughter is the best medicine. Sure—laughter can cure bad days, and hard times, but laughter is not the only way that we can cope with problems. We as human beings go through many emotions, and as you can tell, laughter is only one of them. When people face tough situations, their reaction to the episode can be with tears, laughter, or both.

When we go through extremely hard and agonizing incidents, sometimes the only way we can cope with the pain is by laughing. In contrast, problems that we find to be the most wearisome can make us feel confused and troubled. It is often true that our responses to dilemmas in life are based upon laughter or tears. In Dick Gregory’s autobiography Nigger, Momma teaches Dick “There’s more hope in laughing,” (25). During Dick Gregory’s life, he faces trials and tribulations as well as discrimination; he copes with his complications through laughter and he learns that laughter can be an affective cure, yet it can also be useless during tragedies. During Dick Gregory’s early years, he uses his Momma’s advice to get people on his side; he laughs at himself first before anyone else can. Dick Gregory learns the power of a joke while growing up. He is raised on welfare and kids in the neighborhood give him a hard time about it. For instance Dick gets made fun of a lot, but he learns that if he can make jokes about himself first, then the other kids will not climb all over him. Dick Gregory writes, “They were going to laugh anyway, but if I made the jokes they’d laugh with me instead of at me. I’d get the kids off my back, on my side. So I’d come off that porch talking about myself,” (41). Kids are always tormenting Dick Gregory and instead of using tears to cope with this occurrence, Dick uses laughter. From Momma’s words, he uncovers that laughing is a healthier way of dealing with a situation rather than crying. Dick has the choice of how to react towards the kids in his neighborhood. Dick can choose to brawl with his bullies or he can even try to run away from his problem, but instead, Dick chooses to tell jokes. This is Dick Gregory’s way out of this unpleasant position. As Dick grows up, there are other times in his life where he uses his wit, and his humor to escape troublesome events. For instance, Dick Gregory encounters a bully who wants to knock the daylights out of him. Dick casually says, “ ‘Baby, you better kill me quick. If you don’t, I’m gonna steal those cool shoes you wearin’,’ ”(47). When Dick gets into a situation that involves hostility, he just humors his tormentor in order to break away from this uncomfortable condition. He finds hope in laughing during bad incidents as an alternative to using violence or expressing grief because he sees that he does not need to use aggression or to bring himself down in order to get his point across. Dick Gregory’s reactions to setbacks are telling jokes and using humor. He sees what good laughter can bring to a person. In later parts of his autobiography, Dick shows that wit can overpower cruelty.

In the period of the Civil Rights movement, Dick Gregory is very active; police officers say offending phrases to him, but Dick handles it with laughter. While Dick Gregory demonstrates in the South, there are people against him who are yelling back at him, but he uses jokes instead of violence to outsmart the police officers. Dick takes Momma’s advice into consideration because he uses the power of laughter to make the event better for him. Dick Gregory says, “ ‘ Your momma’s a nigger.

Probably got more Negro blood in her than I could ever hope to have in me, ‘ “ (170). When Dick says this, the police officer is taken by surprise. Gregory writes, “He dropped my other arm then, and backed away, and his hand was on his gun. I thought he was going to explode. But nothing happened,” (170). This police officer is saying very unkind statements to Dick, but he is staying calm about it....
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