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  • Published : December 17, 2010
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Company Profile3
General Company Information3
Company Details3
Company Capacity3

Segment and Targeting4

Target Market4
Segment identification4
Segment needs4
Segment trends5
Positioning strategy5
Geographic Location5

Marketing Mix6

Placement – Distribution6
Distribution Route7
Pricing Strategy7
Short-term promotional Objectives9
Long-term promotional Objectives9
Promotional Mix9
Justifications for advertising selections11

SWOT Analysis of Lajawab Lassi12

Imported Machinery12
Market Initiators12
Strong Distributors Network12
Availability in Different Flavors12
High Price / Cost13
Low Expiry Time13
Only available in Karachi Market13
New Brand in the market13
Open Market Available14
Increase in product line14
Capture More Areas other than Karachi14
Road Side milk shops15
Geo Political Situation15
Upcoming Brands15

PEST Analysis16

Political Factors16
Economical Factors16
Social Factors17
Technological Factors17


Company Profile

General Company Information

Company name: SWAN Private Limited
Head office address: Karachi
Phone number: 021-34615826
Web site:

Company Details

Date of creation 2009.
Main areas of activityManufacturing and selling Product
Main productsDairy Products
Main customersYoungsters age between 15 years – 40 years. Principal customer industries and geographies
Dairy Products & Urban Area

Company Capacity

Number of employees30 employees
Company has total marketing budget of 20m.

Company has patent and rights for its product’s name i.e. Lajawab Lassi and its formulae.

Segment and Targeting

Target Market
Teenagers (College Students) 13-to-19
Adult (University Students) 20-to-26
Professionals and Sportsmen 27-to-45

Lassie in a pre-bottled, ready-to-drink format. It is a milk-based Energy Drink that is used to boost stamina and provides energy that sustain with enhanced flavors (mango, strawberry, full cream and diet) . It will bring an entirely unique drinking experience to its consumers

Usage Pattern
Our target consumers use it to boost their energy level and also to delight the thirst between their meal intervals. It will present itself as a funky and unusual alternative to traditional lassi while providing the great taste in an attractive and convenient packaging.

Segment identification
RTD (Ready-to-drink) bottled Bubble Tea, to be established within the Functional Drinks sector.

Segment needs
The product will cater to both physiological needs (hydrating and nutritional value) and social needs (perception of a social, fun drink with a sense of belonging within peer consumer groups)

Segment trends
The current trends include a shift away from junk foods and carbonated drinks, a growing interest for healthier / beneficial products for the “mind and body “the trend towards the availability of on-the-go products for those with an active lifestyle, as well as the trend for personalization through customization (or for beverages, through variety-seeking in a wide introduction of flavors in traditional taste.

Positioning strategy
The only RTD bottled lassi available. Funky & eye-catching bottle, functional packaging, premium-priced, cool, new and unusual, unique drinking experience, aspects of sweet, refreshing, for hip & young people, healthier alternative to heavy-sugar drinks.

Geographic Location

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