Lifeskills Report on Workplace bullying

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  • Published : November 5, 2013
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Life Skills at the Workplace (EM22040)
Project Title
To raise awareness on Workplace Bullying
ITE College Central
Higher Nitec in Visual Merchandising
Leader’s Full Name
Wan Nur Shalina binte Wan Shahrul Hidhir
Team Members
(Full Names)


Submission Date
13TH August 2013

ITE College Central (Lifeskills Department)
Declaration Form
(Academic Integrity)

Module Description :
Life Skills at The Workplace.

Module Code:


Project Title:

Raising Awareness on Workplace Safety

I/We certify that the material contained in this project is my/our own work and does not contain unreferenced or unacknowledged material. I/We also declare that the above statement applies to the implementation of the project and all associated documentation. Where applicable, I/we also consent to our project work being submitted, stored and copied electronically for assessment purposes, including the use of plagiarism detection systems to check the integrity of the assessed work.

If any act of plagiarism is found in my/our project implementation and submission, I/we am/are fully responsible and liable for every disciplinary action to be taken against me/us in accordance to ITE Disciplinary Rules and Regulations.

Name: Signature:

Wan Nur Shalina bte Wan S H W.N.S



Special thanks to Ms Lina Hashim for the loan of the camcorder, Muhammad Zawir Afiq as the main actor, and assistant director and also Eleana and Daniel who played as extras in the short clip and not forgetting Mr Kerk, mentor for the project.


The purpose of the project is to raise awareness on the dangers of workplace bullying. Many actually are not aware that workplace bullying can have dire and fatal consequences that people actually often brushes it off. In order to reach out to the targeted sector, I am using video communication as a methodology. Out of this, I wish to achieve an increase in the awareness towards the dangers of workplace bullying. So that people will not take it as just a slight problem and that victims/witnesses of such activities would react proactively in such cases and not just ignore until something serious happens.

Table of Contents

Introduction to The Project.

Project Description and planning.


FishBone Diagram

Evaluation Plan

Decision Matrix

Work breakdown structure

Gantt Chart

Research Plan

Budget summary sheet

Risk management Chart

Challenge chart

1. Introduction

In Singapore , there are many unheard cases of workplace bullying that may/may have ended up in death. Victims would either turn into a bully themselves, keep job hopping, or they would eventually fall into depression and end up hurting themselves sometimes fatal. Something needs to be done to raise awareness on Workplace bullying and its’ dangers.

1.2. Project Objectives

The project aims to reach out to a vast audience, sending them a bold message that workplace bullying should be reported and acted upon. And that help is available for those who are suffering from it.

1.3. Project Outcomes

More people/victims of workplace bullying would have the courage to stand up for themselves and turn to their superiors or colleagues for help or even report the matter to authorities. By standers who are not directly affected by this may also help report the matter or help refer the victim to counsellors.

1.4. Targeted Customers

-Working adults
2. Project Description –...
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