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  • Published : September 21, 2013
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“Light Up Nippon”

I was watching on the television on how the tsunami eaten up the Japan on March 2011; devastating numerous cities and killing thousands of people whether young or old, poor or rich. After the incident, you could see the buildings, houses, establishments and infrastructures that were once standing tall, firm and beautifully constructed were now on the floor scattered into pieces, destroyed and wrecked. It doesn’t take a person to realize how the resident of Japan felt after the incident. Just by looking at the effects of the tsunami you could immediately feel their sufferings, grievance and loss; as if I, too, was personally affected. However, if you put your feet on their shoes to look and feel their feelings deeper you could probably ask yourself if life is still worth living. You will probably ask if Japan will still be the same, if God mercilessly punished you, if you could pull yourself together and stand back again, head up. You will probably lose hope or maybe not only lose it but it would be crushed. People lost not only their family members but also their houses and living. In the documentary film, it was shown their how the people have gathered in an evacuation center and it reminded of what happened to our Cagayan de Oro which was also hit by a typhoon Sendong on December 2011 and caused people to lose homes and family members and living, but in the case of Japan, Japan was much worse. Fireworks are a summer tradition in Japan. Last year, many fireworks festivals were cancelled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. But what if we could use such fireworks in Tohoku, one man's brilliant idea is what kick started the "LIGHT UP NIPPON" project. The documentary traces the steps of the man, who initially faced many obstacles and opposition. The idea to hold a big fireworks display in ten different places in Tohoku simultaneously (on August 11, 2011) seemed a bit insensitive. If I was affected by the tsunami too I would do and would...
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