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  • Published : June 24, 2015
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A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators
Nursing sensitive indicators allow facilities to determine the link between patient outcomes and the nursing care the facility provides. Initially, the American Nurses’ Association developed three categories for Nursing Sensitive Indicators. First, the process of care, which determines nurse satisfaction and daily completion of assigned tasks. Second, the structure of care, which is the education, skill, certification and experience of the nurses at the facility. Third, is patient focused outcomes, which include the overall care of the patients and frequency of hospital acquired infections, pressure ulcers, falls, restraint use, etc… (American Sentinel University Blog, 2011). Nurses who are knowledgeable about NSI’s are more likely to have better job satisfaction, healthier patients and better overall outcomes and satisfaction scores. In regards to the scenario, there are several NSI’s that if they had been addressed earlier, would have prevented many unfavorable outcomes. Mr. J. was restrained in this scenario. The reason why was not explained, but after a trip to the bathroom, the CNA placed Mr. J. on his back, in the same position, and re-applied the restraints. If the nurse had a better understanding of NSI’s, she would have completed a thorough skin assessment of the patient and realized the pressure ulcer that was beginning to develop and take action. The patient needed to be turned more often and special attention paid to the reddened area on his spine. Also, the restraint use needed to be re-assessed. Did the patient require continued restraint use? Was the patient repositioned and checked while bound by the restraints? Could the patient reach his call light? Was his daughter informed of why her father was in restraints? These are all questions that need to be answered to show a better understanding of NSI’s and prevent unneeded restraint usage, pressure ulcers, falls and improve overall patient satisfaction. If the...
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