Literary Terms

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  • Published : October 2, 2013
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1. Allegory- a narrative, or story, used to represent something a. Tortoise and the Hare
2. Antagonist- a rival or adversary; opponent
a. Voldemort
3. Characterization- how you act to represent a certain character; how a character is described a. Hermione is a bookworm
4. Climax- the highest point in a literary work; usually a resolution or major turning point a. When Voldemort kills Harry
5. Conflict- a struggle between characters or opposing sides/ideas a. The primary struggle in Harry Potter is between good and evil. 6. Connotation- the secondary meaning of a word usually taken from a societal view a. Swag means awesome when used by teenagers,

7. Convention- accepted norm of writing
a. How the resolution comes after the climax
8. Denotation- the dictionary definition of a word
a. Wind is air in natural motion.
9. Denouement- the final resolution of a plot
a. The denouement of Harry Potter comes when Harry kills Voldemort in the seventh book. 10. Diction- style of speaking or writing
a. The author of Paradise of the Blind uses lots of imagery. 11. Exposition- a written work or speech designed to convey information or to explain a. The students had to write expositions for their teachers over mitosis. 12. Falling action- the section of a literary plot that occurs after the climax and the resolution of the conflict a. The falling action of Harry Potter 7 is after Voldemort kills Harry and Harry accepts his death. 13. Figurative Language- language that uses figures of speech, similes, and metaphors a. An example of figurative language is a metaphor.

14. Flashback- a literary device for inserting a scene from earlier chronologically into a section of the literary work which best suits the author’s desire a. The book All Quiet on the Western Front uses flashbacks to great effect. 15. Foil- a character that serves by contrast to highlist or emphasize opposing traits in another character. a. Mercutio is a foil to Romeo.

16. Foreshadowing- suggesting,...
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