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  • Published : November 6, 2013
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Institute of Management,
Nirma University
MBA FT, 2013-15

Marketing Managment-I
Group Assignment :1

Submitted By:
Nidhi Rai(131236)
Nikhil Mathew(131237)
Ninad Trivedi(131238)
Noopur Naik(131239)
Pallav Gupta(131240)
Section B
Competitor Program Fit

For a company to successfully compete with others it must learn to emphasize different elements of the marketing mix and by using different mixtures of those elements; such that they hide their weakness and show their strengths. A comparative response matrix includes two companies and three sub-elements of the marketing mix, wiz, Price, Quality and Advertising:

Company A action

Company B action

The vertical columns indicates the actions taken by company A and the counter actions of the competitor Company B are represented using the horizontal rows.

Following are few examples from the Consumer Market which support this Competitor Program Fit:

Cpp: (price to price)

Competition started when Indigo entered the market with the lowest price – as the low cost carrier. Already airlines industry was on the edge of bust era. There were bigger players like Jet Airways, Air India etc. Recently we saw Spice jet decreasing price as “10 lakh seats at an all-inclusive fare of Rs 2,013 for any domestic flight between February 1 and April 30”,and there was a dramatic change in the price of Jet Airways, which usually doesn’t prefer change in prices – that is if we see history, whenever Indigo has changed the price we couldn’t see any price change factor or reaction as of price change from Jet Airways – so this comes to stay competitive in the market by decreasing price by “Jet Airways is offering the 20 lakh seats on over 450 domestic flights across 57 destinations operated by it and JetKonnect” . We can see excerpt from the daily news paper stating price...
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