Marketing Plan for our adventure club

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Marketing Plan:
The marketing mix for our adventure club including the 7 P’s and 5 C’s has been described below: Product:
Through our product we wish to provide a unique experience to the adventure seeking urban citizens who wish to spend quality time with family or friends or peers away from the clutter of the city. Rather than designing the product in such a way so as to focus on capturing market share and marketing return on investment, we plan to focus on enhancing the share of wallet of each customer and the CLV – Customer Lifetime value as perceived by each consumer. This is because if we focus on increasing the market share then we end up focussing on our needs and wants. However, through our offering, we focus on meeting the customer’s wants and needs, by designing services accordingly. Type of product:

Ours is a high involvement, experiential product aimed to be marketed as a hedonic product. To put it in a nutshell, the product is the experience one can feel or understand only after participation. Core Product:

The experience of participating in adventure sports like: Trekking, Camping, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping and horse riding is what drives our product. While some of the adventure sports offered by us are also provided by our competitors, still we are the only one offering all of them together and that too in the lush green lap of nature. Core Benefits:

When an individual “buys” the product he signs up to enjoy the core benefits of thrill, adrenaline rush, feeling of victory over fear and the feeling of independence that he gets while participating in the sports activity he has “bought”. To top it all, the discerning adventurer gets a feel of multiple sports, all at one location. Thus, some of the key core product attributes are:

* meets the adventure interests of urban customers
* provides adventure in natural peaceful surroundings with no space constraints * Sports/ Adventure Experiences Offered: provides each customer with a basket of varied experiences under one roof * within 50-75 km from the city

* Real time experience as compared to virtual gaming worlds The Augmented Product:
As is evident from the interviews, reports in the media and the results of our survey, the adventure seeking college goers and unmarried professionals are interested in the core benefits of adrenaline rush and feeling of independence. Therefore ‘AdvenTour’, apart from offering these core benefits, also aims at providing the customers the enhanced benefit of spending quality time with the family while out on an adventure trip. Based on favourable responses to our focussed questions during our interview, the augmented product entails the following: a. Camping as a non-adventure family experience to be accompanied by bonfire. This would be marketed as a stand-alone experience. b. A Family Pack including adventure sports and relaxation, a weekend away from the hectic life, all together at a single place, thereby, providing value to everyone c. Special product designed for large consumers like corporate houses aimed to provide team building services as per choice. Trekking, camping along with fun filled outdoor games can be excellent team building activities. Augmented product Attributes:

* 2 day 1 night package for long term thrills
* Complete family puller
* Catering to all individuals and groups like students, professionals and corporate.
Key Product Quality:
Value for money with international adventure sports standards. Customization Offered:
Pick and choose from among the various adventure sports packages offered. Reliability:
All adventure sports performed under the supervision of World class professionals Greatest focus within our service quality would be to ensure highest standards of safety. This would be done through rigorous third party audits and continuous assessment of safety systems in place. Branding:

AdvenTour : Discover Yourself!
Perceived Product Value...
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