Marx's Theory and the Egyptian Uprising

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  • Published : November 25, 2013
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Name: Marina Loca
ID: 114763
Module: Modern Political Theory
Module Leader: Dr. Maha Ghalwash
Date: 4th August, 2013
Title : Re-sit Research Paper

Does Marx’s theory of revolution adequately explain the 2011 uprising in Egypt? Explain your answer

Eighteen days, it took the Egyptians eighteen days to throw Mubarak’s thirty years of rule. Eighteen days of protests and persistence. The Egyptians uprising was like no other in the history of mankind. It was influenced by the uprising of Tunisia that ended the era of Ben Ali. It is referred to as an Egyptian revolution even though it was a social movement; it had the aspects and outcomes of a social movement and not a revolution. This paper will define what capitalism is and how it affects the proletariat class, it will then display the conditions that led the German philosopher Karl Marx to write his popular book the Manifesto of the communist party. It will then prove that Marx’s theory is not right about over throwing the capitalist system. Marx theory is not always right about revolutions since the Egyptian uprising was a social movement rather than a revolution. The urge for growth in innovation of ideas has always been a part of human nature. This urge was replaced with acquisitive desires that have lead the world to become a place of ambiguity and obscurity. A man’s aptitude to create goods has created the beginning of the road for the industrial revolution that took place in Great Britain which spread to United States of America in the eighteenth century; even though manufacturing goods have created a stable economy for many nations, it also created many problems in the principals of many societies. Due to the increase of production of goods, capitalism arrived in nations. Capitalism is a system in which the owners of business can trade goods and capital for the means of their own profit and gain. For many years capitalism was the source of income in the economies of nations worldwide. It became a system that was too aggressive which lead to exploiting people. Its brutal methods in society have lead many thinkers such as a Karl Marx, with the assumption of ending the era of capitalism, which will mean a termination of its exploitive methods in society. When it came to capitalism Karl Marx had many problems with its undesirable significances on the society. He thought that he must find a solution for capitalism and its many problems; he discussed his ideas about the application of socialism as a radical system and to eliminate capitalism. He conferred many of his ideas in his book ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party’. Marx strongly believed the fact that each society is divided into two different social classes, the class that exploited others, known as the bourgeoisie and the class that was being exploited by the bourgeoisie which were known as the proletariats. He believed that the gap between the two classes was massive and it was caused by the rapid increase of capacities in the fresh methods of manufacture. In his writings Marx’s apprehension for the proletariats grew deep and suggested that they must break out of the subjugating knack of capitalism. In Marx writings he visibly proposes that a social revolution is the only way out to remove any existing regimes that were created by the greed of capitalism. . It can be clearly perceived that Marx did not chart the precise nature of the communal revolution nor did he stipulate the way by that the proletariat should conclude the law of the bourgeoisie or even abolish capitalism. However, he trusted that it all can be attained by physical power that should end the fight within the two classes. Egypt has been exploited for many centuries by neighboring countries. When thinking about the uprising one needs to bear in mind Egypt’s economic status in the world. Egypt still holds many resources that provide and income for the country, resources such as the Suez Canal and tourism in Luxor and Aswan. These...
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