Material Management

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  • Published : August 27, 2013
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Attempt any Eight Questions All questions carries equal

What is wealth, and how is it created ? What is value added, and how is it achieved ? Explain with examples ?


What is a material requirements plan ? What is the difference between dependent and independent demand ? Explain with examples.


Problem : Complete the following table. Lead time for the part is two weeks. The lot size is 100. What is the projected available at the end of week 3 ? When is it planned to release an order ? Week Gross requirements Scheduled receipts Projected available – 40 Net requirements Planned order receipts Planned order release 1 20 2 65 100 3 40 4 25


What is capacity planning ? What are the responsibilities of capacity management ? Describe the steps in capacity planning ? Explain with examples ?


What is the responsibility of production activity control ?

What are the major

functions of planning, implementation & control ? Explain with examples ?


Problem : An order for 50 of a product is processed on world centers A and B. The set up time on A in 60 minutes, and run time is 5 minutes per piece. The set up time on B is 30 minutes and the run time is 6 minutes per piece. Wait time between the two

operations is 10 houses. The move time between A and B is 60 minutes. Wait time after operations is 10 houses. The move time into stores is 2 houses. The move time into stores is 2 hours. Queue at work center A is 40 hours and at B is 35 hours. Calculate the total manufacturing lead time for the order. And also calculate the total manufacturing lead time for the order. 7. What is period order quantity ? How is it established ? When can it be used ? Explain with examples ? Also define 1) 2) 3) Annual ordering cost Annual carrying cost Total annual cost

With some examples ? 8. Problem : The standard deviation of demand during the lead time is 100 units. a) Calculate the safety stock...
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