Math Anxiety

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  • Published : June 5, 2013
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Math Anxiety

Mathematics is probably one of the most important skills a student will learn. However, many will argue on practical significance of calculus in everyday life. There are people who get fearful at just the thought of taking that required math class. They worry about having to figure out problems and remembering order of operations. Not only just in the classroom but outside, problems such as having to figure out everyone’s part in a bill from lunch or dividing up partial payments for a lay-a-way is a result of math anxiety. If you answer yes to some these questions, you may be a candidate for math anxiety. Do you believe that you simply do not have a math mind? Do you avoid activities or other classes that may involve mathematics? If any one or more of these situations describes you, you may be suffering from Math Anxiety.

What is Math Anxiety?
Math anxiety is an intense emotional feeling of anxiety that people have about their ability to understand and do mathematical equations. People who suffer from math anxiety feel that they are incapable of doing activities and classes that involve math. Some people go beyond anxiety and even have a fear of math. This is what is known as math phobia. The frequency of math anxiety among college students has risen significantly over the last decade. Many students have even chosen their college major in the basis of how little math is required for the degree. Math anxiety has become so prevalent on college campus that many schools have designed special counseling programs to help math anxious students. Math anxiety is an emotional, rather than a logical problem. However, math anxiety interferes with a person's ability to learn math and therefore results in a logical problem.

What Can Cause Math Anxiety?
Math anxiety doesn’t just come from one source. Most times, math anxiety is the result of a student's negative experience with math or math teachers in previous years (Russel). Experiences like those...
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