Math Autobiography

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Zach = Math
My Mathematical Autobiography

My best experience in math class was when I was just in third grade. I had to transfer schools because my parents didn’t want me to go to a private school anymore. The first day, at Valentine Hills, we took a multiplication test that we had to complete to see whether we were doing the maximum of our capability. I don’t know what my score was, but it must have been really good, because the next day I was placed in accelerated math class. Where I got to know everyone and have a great time.

My worst experience in a math class, however, was the year before. As I said before, I went to a private school. This school didn’t really have much of an accelerated program, so I had to drag a desk into the corner with a couple other students and just keep doing math problems over and over again until my hand hurt. I think that learning should be interactive, not just doing problems out of a book.

My most memorable experience in math is less of an individual experience, rather than an overall experience with one Mr. Porath. His class always fascinated me. Every Friday we would take a day out, do word problems, and do science Olympiads. His motive was to make us think outside of the box, not just try to remember the rules of math, but to make us know why it was that way and plenty of other ways to do the same problem. He made a major impact in my math, not forgetting my life too.

My favorite part of mathematics is the fact that it isn’t really a subjective subject, you either got it right or wrong. Unlike in English where what we think could contrast to what our teacher thinks and then we don’t get the point because its subjective.

My least favorite part of mathematics is the fact that some of the rules seem to just be randomly made up. I know that all math rules are created for a reason, but it is funny how, sometimes, they seem to have come out of nowhere.

My overall feelings of mathematics are definitely positive. I do...
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