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  • Published : August 30, 2013
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Reflection on Trimester 1

Trimester 1 math helped me accomplish huge math milestones. The rational number unit initially confused me but after our class took notes I understood. I learned that Pi, E, and 2 are irrational. Any number that’s not rational is irrational. They are irrational because they never terminate or have a repeating pattern. Rational numbers can be written as ratios and fractions. Once I knew this I determined that e was irrational because it repeats without a pattern 2.71828182846… Also, I learned that negative numbers, positive numbers, and zero are all rational. Numbers with terminating or repeating decimal points are rational. An example of this is 0.333333333 or 1/3. If you can write a number as a fraction then the number is rational. Rational numbers expanded my knowledge for when we learned algebra. Algebra is an everyday problem-solving tool. In Trimester 1 we learned how to distribute and factor equations with variables. Factoring and distributing manipulate the expression without changing the value. At first I did not believe that 5(6y+4) equaled 30y+20. Even I had to prove it 5(6y)=30y 5(4)=20 30y+20=30y+20. The equations proved to be a success. Factoring was the opposite of distributing, where you had to find the greatest common factor. The greatest common factor was put outside the parentheses and then you divided the numbers by the greatest common factor. 30y+20 GCF=10 30y/10=3y 20/10=2 10(3y+2). The concept of algebra is simplified when we think of it as we are balancing two sides of a scale. When you do one thing to one side you must do the same to the other side. In the equation 4d(2+3d)= -36 you must first distribute to get rid of the parentheses. Once you have distributed 4d(2)= 6d 4d(3d)=12d 12d+6=18d 18d=-36 you must take 18d=-36 and divide both sides by 18. This part is balancing the equation by dividing both sides by 18. Then the equation is almost done 18d/18=d -36/18=-2 therefore the...
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