Math Trivias

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  • Published : October 24, 2013
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Math Facts & Trivias 

1. The value of zero was first used by the ancient Indian mathematician Aryabhata. 2. The implicit curve equation (x2+y2-1)3-x2y3=0 produces the heart shape. 3. The Reuleaux Triangle is a shape of constant width other than a circle. 4. If each count were a second long, it would take about 12 days to count to a million and about 32 years to count to a billion. 5. Forty’ is the only number that has all its letters in alphabetical order. 6. The National Pi Day ( π ) is March 14 at 1:59.

7. October 10 is National Metric Day.
8. Q: What mathematical symbol did math whiz Ferdinand vonLindemann determine to be a transcendental number in 1882? A: Pi.
9. Q: What Greek math whiz noticed that the morning star andevening star were one and the same, in 530 B.C.? A: Pythagoras 10. Q: What's a flat image that can be displayed in three dimensions? A: A hologram

11. Q: What do you call an angle more than 90 degrees and less than180 degrees? A: Obtuse
12. Q: What's a polygon with four unequal sides called?
A: A quadrilateral
13. Simplify the expression (x+a)(x–b)(x+c) ··· (x–z) 14. Among all shapes with the same area circle has the shortest perimeter. 15. One is morally obligated not to do anything impossible. 16. In a group of 23 people, at least two have the same birthday with the probability greater than ½ 17. Everything you can do with a ruler and a compass you can do with the compass alone. 18. Among all shapes with the same perimeter a circle has the largest area. 19. There are curves that fill a plane without holes.

20. A clock never showing right time might be preferable to the one showing right time twice a day. 21. A Palindrome Number is a number that reads the same backwards and forward, e.g. 13431. 22. The Fibonacci sequence are numbers where each following number is the sum of the previous two: 0 1...
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