Mathematics Non-Performance of the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Students

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  • Published : July 14, 2013
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Chapter I


Rationale of the Study
“Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment and energy. It draws upon the specialized knowledge and skills of mathematical and physical sciences, together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design, to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such integrated systems.” - IIE 1984

Mathematics is part of our everyday living. A tool that enables the Industrial Engineering students to solve the literal questions that he needs in his or her work is actually Mathematics. Mathematics can be used in many ways. The Engineering applications are designed to illustrate how numerical methods are actually employed in the engineering problem- solving process. As such, they will permit to explore practical issues that arise in real- world applications. The connection between the mathematical techniques and engineering problems is a critical step in tapping the true potential of the engineers according to Slade (1996). The science of Mathematics is the great achievement of human kind according to The New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia. Over the thousand years of its history, Mathematics has grown to be a very broad field that includes many specialized branches as well as a wide range of topics which Industrial Engineers adapted to for formulating mathematical models in solving quantitatively the multiple wide range problems exist in every aspects of the industry. In addition, to become part of the great achievements of Mathematics, opening the mind is necessary. Although it is important to understand Mathematics as part of Industrial Engineers’ vocabulary, it is a need to dig in more to the bottom of Mathematics’ iceberg. Good designs start from understanding more the mathematical concepts. Industrial Engineers need to know more mathematics than simple arithmetic to be successful in their jobs as one of the objectives of IIE (1984) “an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering is essential for engineering practice”. Industrial Engineers are subject to solve problems involving such labor and the cost of materials that have been revised to reflect current practices. For about 8 years the Cebu Technological University – Danao City Campus had been offering Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering course wherein conventional mathematics subjects are part of the curriculum. As time flows by, some Industrial Engineering mathematics subjects have been added and some are divided into simpler parts. The broad mathematical education to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global economic, environmental, and societal context has been teach to the Industrial Engineering students at the said university. To discern the engineering problems and solve them through formulating such solutions that fit in the said problems are truly part of the learning being impart to the students. It is equally important to understand that mathematics is also filled with lot of patterns that one should explore. For academic years 2008- 2011, some Industrial Engineering students during those academic years acquired grades that are below 2.6. It is the acceptable standard fair grade of the students in mathematics, in accordance to the Cebu Technological University Student’s Manual 2011 edition. According to the records being kept in the Office of the Registrar, 81% out of 111 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering students got a grade of below 2.6. The university would create globally competitive graduates, only if their performances in the school specifically inside the classrooms meet the standards being set by the university and the world as well.

Statement of the Problem
Mathematics is a primary tool in all aspects in our life. This research would like to seek the factors that...
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