Mathemtics in the Classroom

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  • Published : July 26, 2013
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Making Maths Meaningful
The essence of making Number based Mathematics meaningful is to bring the subject to life and allow the learner to think for themselves, giving them the responsibility for their own learning. Teachers today need to facilitate the learning of mathematics, as opposed to “teaching” it and allow each learner to assimilate the concepts in their own way. Michael Ymer is an experienced Mathematics teacher who has been involved in many Victorian and National initiatives in mathematics. He works as a consultant in a wide range of Professional Development programs for schools, teachers and parents. He provides services for teachers in all schools. Michael is an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter who has a clear and practical approach to the challenges that confront schools in mathematics. Teachers spend a large portion of their numeracy time teaching skills in computation. While learning computation skills is important, this needs to be balanced with the development of thinking skills. Students need to be able to choose and use the appropriate computation skill when confronted with non-routine word / problems. Although students are natural born mathematicians, teachers have the opportunity to increase their skill and knowledge. We need to ensure that we keep their love for Maths open and enjoyable rather than a confrontation they abhor. Michael Ymer extended a range of ideas that assisted teachers in investigating the stepping stones towards teaching and learning addition, subtraction multiplication and division. He provided us with Classroom management advice, suggested classroom resources, task centres, grouping students and investigative learning for our class.

A Task Centre is a collection of individually housed mathematics problems (or tasks) that require the use of concrete materials (housed with the problem) to solve or make a start to the problem. Some students may not need the materials to solve the problem; but if the materials...
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