Meaning of Life and Brother

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  • Published : September 17, 2013
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It took me seventeen years to realize it but, among all the people that have influenced me, the one that has the greatest effect on my life is my brother Sam. Sam is twenty-three years old, leaving a six year age gap between the two of us. Sam has prominently impacted my life. He is the one person who knows me the best that has the most influence on my life. He is the one person that has had a lasting effect in my decisions and the way I perceive life. It is due to him that I am the brave, enthusiastic, and ambitious person I am today. My brother has been a wonderful role model as well as sharing a resemblance of that of a parental figure. He enforces rules that has been set upon us by our parents, making sure that I keep myself sane and respectful to myself and those I am surrounded with. Everything that my brother has done has been chances for me to grow. While being with my brother has been spectacular, I have learned valuable lessons from my brother. He has taught me many lessons in my existence, all of which has followed me and will continue to follow my life in its entirety. He has affected every aspect in my life; from the way I dress, to the way I perceive life. My brother, Sam, always has been an inspiration to me because he has set a great example for me to follow. I consider it as a phenomenal thing because he has showed me the great things that can be accomplished in life, he has taught me many great things, and has inspired to become successful in life. Sam learns from his own mistakes and makes sure I do not commit the same mistakes as him. He makes sure I do not veer in the wrong path, meaning he is always on my case in everything I do. He takes many positions in my life, and impacts my life in that certain aspect. In his simple and easy thoughts, I have seen the never ending learning experiences through life. There are times when I can’t stand my brother and just wishes he leaves me alone, but then there are times when I want to talk to him,...
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