Memorial Hospital Case

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  • Published : September 5, 2015
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Production and Operations Management, BUS 5461
Week 8 Case Study: Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital
A. Synopsis
Memorial Hospital is a 265-bed regional health care facility located in the mountains of North Carolina. The mission of the hospital is to provide quality health care to the people of Ashe County and the six surrounding counties. To accomplish this mission, Memorial Hospital’s CEO has outlined three objectives: (1) maximize customer service to increase customer satisfaction, (2) minimize costs to remain competitive, and (3) minimize fluctuations in workforce levels to help stabilize area employment.  There are eight major wards for the purposes of planning and scheduling the nursing staff. B. Purpose

The purpose for this case is assist Memorial Hospital’s management to arrange a schedule to can smooth the unpredictability due to fluctuations in patient attendance. C. Analysis
Darlene Fry should use a more standard scheduling process that will utilize less employees at one time. By doing so they will still meet their objectives of maximizing customer service, cutting costs, and minimize fluctuations in the workforce. D. Recommendations

I recommend that the following schedules be used. There should be 35 nurses of the 110 used daily on a rotational basis in each of the seven wards. By allocating the average demand as a constant we can effectively slot the number of nurses to each ward where they can service the allowed number of patients. In the event of a more than average number of patients being assigned to a particular ward, you have 75 nurses that are not working to choose from to assist.

E. Reference
Krajewski, L. J., Malhotra, M. K., & Ritzman, L. P. (2013). Project Management. In Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson
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