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  • Published : September 8, 2013
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The landscape changes a lot of multinationals at the moment: with rising commodity prices and the fantastic development of Chinese economy and, to a lesser extent, India, new actors are appearing every month on the world stage from countries emerging. Giants such as China's Lenovo and Huawei, India's Tata or Russia's Gazprom are noticed incursions into territories previously reserved for Western firms. The Russian gas company Gazprom recently has become the first European company by market capitalization.

They are Indian, Chinese, Brazilian or Mexican, some large companies no longer have the competitive advantage for one low cost of labor. Emerging multinationals from emerging countries are now in battle to compete with the dominant groups of global capitalism from the U.S., Europe or Japan. The strategy consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released Tuesday, Dec. 4, the list of 100 "new global challengers' business often overlooked with the potential to dominate the next century.

China, India and Brazil provide the bulk of the quota: 41 Chinese companies, 20 Indian and 13 Brazilian. The total turnover of these 100 groups totaled 1,200 billion (817 billion euros) in 2006, average annual growth of 29% between 2004 and 2006. They cover a broad spectrum of activity, from raw materials to computer services through the consumer goods, automotive and telecommunications. They multiply acquisitions both in developed economies than in emerging, to develop skills or brands.

These new "majors" will soon place the other, the "old" in a situation of challengers.

Gone are the days where companies from India, China or Mexico had only competitive advantage for the low cost of labor. Multinationals in these countries are in battle to compete, or build alliances with companies of the trio dominating global capitalism: the United States, Europe and Japan. The strategy consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released Tuesday, Dec. 4, the list of 100...
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