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  • Published : August 20, 2014
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1. Introduction

About the Assignment

This is the written assignment about marketing aspects of a company. Therefore our group decides to go with Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel (mobile service partner) company.

This report indicates the colligation between Mobitel and the Marketing Management subject. Basically we try to illustrate Mobitel’s marketing strategies, marketing mix, how they segmented the products etc. Under here we are going to firstly focus on the Products of the SLT Company and what are the products we are going to focus on. And then about how the company developed over the year as well as their achievements in a brief manner. After that we are going to talk about the company marketing strategy and other relevant areas for that. The main focus on this report is to identify how the theoretical parts of fundamental of marketing can be applied to a real practical scenario. Under those theoretical parts we are going to talk about

Marketing mix
Marketing strategy

2. Products and brands of Sri Lanka Telecom

Sri Lanka Telecom portfolio mainly consist of 6 different products. Those different cover all the areas of social and cooperate sector when it comes to Tele communication.

SLT Megaline connections (wireline telephone connections) are existing in three different packages, depending on customer requirement and range from Voice only package to Voice + Broadband or PeoTV to Voice+Broadband+PeoTV.

Developing internet usage across the country whilst expanding Sri Lanka’s broadband capacity, SLT Broadband introduced up to 4 times faster internet speeds, taking the speeds up to as much as 16 Mbps. SLT is once again transforming Internet usage across the country, by unveiling a significant improvement to the SLT Broadband user experience.

2.3 Peo TV
SLT PEO TV gives the platform to enjoy the best of local and international news and entertainment from around the world at a click of a button developing traditional TV experience with characteristic features such as digital quality pictures, Time Shifted TV, Rewind TV to play pause live TV and Video on Demand with content such as movies, music, educational and many more.

Four main categories of services which provide postpaid packages, prepaid packages, payphones and wireless modem using CDMA technology.

IDD refers to International Direct Dialing facility. SLT offers the most premium quality international call service in Sri Lanka which is available for almost all international destinations. So people can now enjoy the highest voice quality for international calls which is similar to the experience when you make a local call on your SLT landline.

2.6Intelligent solutions
SLT's Intelligent Solutions business communication portfolio is aimed at equipping investors and local businesses with the full range of ICT solutions to help them succeed globally. This sector-wise communication solution approaches 10 main economic sectors including; Tourism & Leisure, IT- BPO & Knowledge Services, Packaging & Branding Industry, Universities and Educational Institutes, Aviation Services, New Zones & Petroleum Refinery, Ports, Transport, Manufacturing and Health Sector.

3. Company Background

3.1 Company History

Mobitel is Sri Lanka’s National mobile service provider. Mobitel (Pvt.) Ltd is a mobile phone network in Sri Lanka. Mobitel, which started operations in 1993, became a fully owned subsidiary of SLT in October 2002 making it 20 years of being Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider.

Over a two time period, Mobitel has achieved many a milestone. In January 2004 the company launched its fully fledged 2.5G GSM network that is EDGE or GPRS enabled and designed to operate on dual band....
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