monitoring the post operative patient after emergency appendicectomy

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  • Published : May 5, 2014
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Colin Green, a 42 year old gentleman, has been transferred to you ward from theatre following an emergency appendicectomy for a perforated appendix. He has an IV infusion running eight hourly, an NG tube in situ, is NBM and has a wound drain inserted into his abdomen. Oxygen is given via a venturi mask at 24% to continue for 24hrs. A urinary catheter is in situ attached to a urometer to accurately measure his urine output on an hourly basis. He has a patient controlled analgesia set up with prescribed opioids and an anti-emetic.

Discuss the monitoring (LO 1 & 4) and Nursing Care (LO 2 & 3) that Colin and his family will require over the next 24 hours.


Things to consider when looking at the case scenarios are the EHI1 Assignment These are the learning outcomes of the module:
1 Evaluate the clinical indicators of acutely deteriorating health; 2 Critically discuss the nursing care of an acutely ill person; 3 Examine the experiences of an acutely ill person and their family taking into consideration their psychosocial needs.

Learning outcome 4 relates to what is seen in practice therefor we would expect you to draw of knowledge and experience from your practice experiences. You have been given three case sceneries. We are not looking for an essay purely on the A-E assessment. Refer to the patient you are going to be discussing in your assignment. Monitoring:

Please consider how you would monitor these particular patients. Are there any limitations to the monitoring?
What would be the indicators of deteriorating health?
What would you do in that situation? Example call the doctor, administer oxygen, critical care outreach. What other health issues do you need to consider?
What do the guidelines recommend?
Nursing care:
Consider the management of this patient and the type of care you will be undertaking – what is the specific nursing care? Have you considered holistic...
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