morocco a developing country

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  • Published : December 5, 2013
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Developing countries are countries with non- or undeveloped industrial base, low living standards, and low HDI (Human Development Index) compared to developed countries like the United States and the European Union countries. Morocco is a good example of a typical developing country. It has an undeveloped industrial base, low living standards, and a low HDI. In fact, Morocco is ranked at the 130th place over 185 member states of the UN in 2013. Also, according to the United Nations Development Program, Morocco has a medium human development. The reasons that make Morocco a developing country are numerous. Actually, the three main reasons that make the Cherifian Kingdom a developing country are: French colonialism, low standards of social programs, and absence of human rights.

Firstly, Morocco is a developing country because of its historical roots. Indeed, one of the main reasons that make Morocco a developing country is the French Protectorate. The French Protectorate, or the French colonialism, worsened the situation in Morocco since its establishment in 1912 until the Independence in 1956. The French and some Moroccan elite constituted by bourgeois Fassis and Rbatis took the biggest part of cake. This French-Moroccan oligarchy took share of the biggest and most lucrative businesses in Morocco such as agriculture, banks and insurance, industry, and politics. This situation made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Until nowadays, we still notice than the nerve of Morocco, which is economics, is still held by noble and notoriously rich families. Thus, the distribution of wealth in Morocco is unbalanced as we observe that there are the rich, the poor, and a small entity that makes the middle class. In developed countries, middle classes are the ones that empower the economics and politics of a country. Take the example of Norway where a minister uses a bike or public transportation to get to his/her job. We are not ready to see this anytime soon in Morocco....
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