Movie Genres

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  • Published : November 29, 2014
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Movie genres
By Saba Sadeghi
By the start of 20th century movies started to play a big role in entertaining people all around the world, the earliest movies were made only in one shot with no editing or specific story but little by little movies started combining different scenes to tell a story. Slowly by producing different movies, different movie genres were shaped. Nowadays we have nearly 20 different main movie genres and some of them contain subgenres. Most of the movies are a combination of different genres. In this article the focus is on only three main genres: Comedy, Horror and Action.

One of the main and most popular genres is “comedy”. A comedy movie is intended to make the audience laugh and contains comical events or funny dialogues. Comedy is considered as an open genre because it contains many different subgenres such as Comedy of manners, Parody, Romantic comedy and Comedy horror (which contains Black comedy and Zombie comedy). Comedy of manners satirizes manners and affections of a social class and it is intended to show the audience what lies behind traditions and manners of society. Parody movies mock other works, genres, people or fictional characters. The audience of these movies should be familiar with the source of the parody. Romantic comedy like its title is a combination of romance and comedy and mainly focuses on two characters who within humorous happenings discover their love for each other and the last but not least subgenre is comedy horror which contains two different categories : Black comedy and Zombie comedy. Black comedy is often based on tragic or taboo subjects such as death, suicide or war and zombie comedy (Often called zomedy) combines horror of zombies with comical happenings.

Another popular genre is horror that generally is intended to scare or frighten the audience through suspense, violence or shock. The more realistic they will be, the more entertaining they become and well obviously frightening. Horror...
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