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  • Published : June 2, 2013
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Journal Article Review
Deveane Atkinson
Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 305
Professor Joni Knapp

Journal Article Review
The article by Lloyd, H., & Craig, S. (2007). A guide to taking a patient's history, appearing in volume 22, issue 13 of the journal Nursing Standard in 2007 explains certain process, approach and procedure in obtaining patients history, emphasizing on the importance of information order collection. This article also expounding on the triage process uses general and non-specific gender, race, or population criteria to obtain the assessment information to treat patients. I plan on summarizing the pros and cons of this article while explaining the author’s process of taking a patients history. In conclusion, incorporating the history taking process using viewpoints of others, while showing key factors that have been excluded. Summary of Article

The authors focused on assessment, communication and gathering information on history while providing an adequate environment to facilitating appropriate care. Preparing the environment is also another key aspect covered in the article noting that the practitioner may practice in many different areas and or may encounter the patient in not so desired places. With all the environmental challenges the authors imply that it is still the practitioner’s duty in the “maintenance of privacy and dignity; the environment should be private, quiet and ideally there should be no interruptions” (Lloyd, H., & Craig. S. 2007). The authors placed increased importance and awareness on the environment that they cited “when interruptions is not possible the nurse should do everything possible to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained” (Crouch & Meurier, 2005). The possibility of interruptions and being overheard can discourage or prevent patients from telling their story (Clark, 1999). Also, Lloyd & Craig (2007) noted from (Rogers, 1951) respecting the...
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