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  • Published : May 6, 2014
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Native American Film
Medicine river was for general consumption. This Canadian film takes a realistic approach to Native ideas. The story is universal one, and understandable to any audience. . The actors who play Indian characters are Indian men and women. Medicine river privileges the other audience, but it doesn't hit the stereotypes in a frontal assault the way Harold of orange does, and that is international on kings' part. In novel, two friendly enemies have extended arguments, Big John and Eddie. Big john is the modern, assimilated Indian who wears white clothing and apparently respects the values of white society. Eddie is trying to hold on to the Indian culture as much as possible. Both men seem to be somewhat lost and looking for themselves in all the wrong places. Harlan asks Bertha is she's heard from James, and she responds, "James Who?" Harlan laughs and motions to Will, who is holding the bag Harlan has insisted he not forget. He says, " This is Will, James's brother." Harlan asks her to show Will the studio but she didn't. Will follow bertha into the next room and is impressed. It is well-equipped photography studio. The ground floor requires taking photographs for a calendar . Will declines because he was not a portrait photographer. When Will is about to walk out Harlan asked dumb question, Will explains patiently. Will is about to make an escape when Harlan plays his trump card. A hilarious scene also follows in which Harlan and Big John try to describe their reasons for producing the calendar. It seems that they were able to get a grant from the government to make a photographic study of wildlife. They were actually wanted the grant money to buy a van to take the elders to traditional festivities. But the government gave them photographic equipment instead of money. Then they borrowed money from the Band Council. The scene works to provide humour and motivation for Will's commitment to do the photographs. The optimism of Harlan and Big John...
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