Nurse theorist

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  • Published : April 18, 2014
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Nursing Theorist

Hildegard E. Peplau, came up with Theory of Interpersonal Relations. Her theory basically means: not what you do to the patient but what you do with the patient. Her theory was based on the idea that nursing is interpersonal because it includes interaction between two or more people. Her theory was the concept of psychodynamic nursing. The main concept was focused on the patient’s feelings as a predictor to a more favorable outcome when it came to the patients’ health. Her theory stated the four phases were; Orientation-patient seeking help, nurse and patient meeting, identifying the problem and interventions needed. Identification- identifying the best person to support patient, patient relates their personal feelings about the experience and is encouraged to participate in care. Exploitation- patient explores, all parts of the problems, and gains independence on achieving the goal Resolution- termination of the nurse-patient to encourage balance both ( can be difficult for both as psychological dependence persists) As a child Peplua lived through the devastating flu epidemic of 1918. This experience greatly increased her knowledge of illness and death on families, leading to her great understanding for patient care and the formation of her nursing theory later in life. Peplua created the first master’s program for clinical specialists in psychiatric nursing. The practices that came from Hidegard Peplau theory should be used with all patients and would work in all nursing settings. All patients are affected in a positive way when the nurse remembers to treat her patients with care and work with them and not just on them. Many people believed that Peplau fostered the biggest changes in nursing since Florence Nighingale. Peplau wrote and published a book, Interpersonal Relations in Nursing, that was delayed in publishing for four years because it was considered too revolutionary for a nurse to publish a book without a...
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