NUT Task 2, EMR Systems

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  • Published : March 3, 2014
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Electronic Medical Record Systems
Increase in Quality of Care
The correct EMR system for a medical facility increases quality of care by increasing staffing and care efficiency while aiding in the prevention of errors. Nurses working with an EMR system have more time available for providing patient care as less time is spent with paper charting and the endless looking through of paper charts. With all pertinent patient information available at the fingertips and the ability to chart live, in real time, from the patient’s room, nurses have more time to do what they love, care for their patients. Errors decrease with an EMR system that can include patient photographs and wristband barcode readers to aid in correct medication administration and helping ensure the correct procedures are performed on the correct patient. Nurse Involvement in EMR Implementation

Nurses know best what charting is needed when doing patient care, what information they need to have available quickly, which tasks are the most time consuming and which resources are the most beneficial. Nurse involvement in the planning, choice and implementation of an EMR system is crucial for a facility to have a system that is user friendly for the clinical staff that will be using it the most. Nurses routinely perform chart reviews and know best which areas of charting require what aspects. Nurses know which labs and reports they rely upon for their patients’ safety and which reports they need access too quickly. When providing patient teaching, nurses and patients will benefit from the nurse ability to access reliable resources, both for patient care knowledge and for the ability to print materials for the patient.

Handheld Devices
Handheld devices allow nurses to access resources quickly from many applications available with today’s technology. Drug formularies, lab values with explanations and detailed information on diseases and disorders can all be accessed with a handheld device...
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