Online Party Needs Reservation

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  • Published : January 8, 2014
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Problems and Its Background
This chapter discusses the advantage and disadvantage of having an online party needs reservation and the proponent endeavor to create an online reservation that will make a difference on the current type of reservation that we have. This presents the background of the study, problem and its significance, and the scope and limitation of the study. A. Introduction

The establishment is responsible in making the party preparations more comfortable and less stressful to the celebrant to organize a party. The establishment is in-change of arranging and organizing the needs in party events like chairs, balloons, cakes, invitation, clowns, photo and video coverage, sounds, lights, and emcees. The said establishment also provides party packages for Birthday parties, baptismal, wedding and debut. Still the establishment is not yet known by every household. The establishment choose to implement an online party needs reservation to solve the needs of efficient and fast way of updating their customers about their new packages, to help their customers to organize a party in a much less stressful way. Party events are a part of our culture even in the old civilization or in the early ages. Party events means that you are celebrating something that happens in your life like your birthday, baptismal, debut, wedding and etc. party events is also a form of entertainment and a way of unwinding from all the problems that you have. Organizing a party event needs a lot of time; some events are organized for months like debuts, birthdays, and even baptismal; some needs a year to be organized like wedding. This is something that the proponent wants to have some changes of. Nowadays, people are much busier than before, puts a lot of time in work rather than their friends, loved ones and families, resulting in lack of attention of their loved ones. To solve this problem, others hire an establishment that offers a service of organizing and...
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