Online Patient Information and Billing System for Dr

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  • Published : May 5, 2015
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Online Patient
Information and
Billing System for Dr.
I. Mallari’s Dental

I. Introduction

One of the busiest establishments could probably a dental clinic. The primary process in having a check-up where patient’s information is the key to every transaction using computer for filling out the personal’s patients information. And because of that, most medical staff members spend between 30 - 50 % of their time just doing paperwork.

Keeping and filing many patients’ dental record is a difficult task to do and searching it one by one is even more. And that is a big burden for every staff members who are currently using their manual system to keep and sort their patients’ dental records. This process will be time consuming and it will take much energy and effort just to search for a single patient’s dental record.

By this Online Patient Information and Billing System, it focuses mainly on generating patient information reports and providing them an efficient way of storing and getting information. The proposed system allows dentist to access their patient’s information easily through the internet.

1.1Statement of the Problem
1.1.1 General Problem

How to develop an online Patient Information and Billing System that will provide an efficient way of storing records and generating reports?
The main problem of the study is the manual system of record keeping and billing records in the clinic. When it comes to
maintaining the files, Dr. Mallari’s dental clinic is still using the manual system where the staff member is manually searching and sorting her patient’s dental record. The said dental clinic currently relies on manual file system methods to maintain their patient information and billing records of the clinic.

1.1.2 Specific Problem How to develop a module that will
monitor the records of all the dental
procedures done to the patients?
The said dental clinic’s current manual system
usually results to information loss, storage
space problems, calculation inaccuracies and
security of information problems. How to develop a module that will
assure an accurate recording of the
After the patient information form, the
dentist will write down the findings according
to the results of examination of his/her
patient. Then the dentist will also record the
billing of the patient according to the
treatments needed. Since computation of
patient bill is manually done, this will
consume a lot of time. Sometimes,
miscalculations of the billing are occurred
because there are other staff member
sometimes forgot to record and update the
accurate billing. How to develop a module that will
prompt the client regarding their schedule of
Many patients are still visit the said dental
clinic but some patients are not. Some
inactive patients often forget to comply for
further dental procedures and treatment
regarding to their schedule of appointment.
Patient’s appointment is very important when
it comes to medical or dental procedures.

1.2 Current State of Technology
Dr. I. Mallari’s is operating manually by getting the
information of the patient. It is really difficult to search many profiles of her patients just to see the previous
transactions and dental procedures. The dentist also
said that sometimes several errors happened by using
their current manual system. Dr. Mallari’s dental clinic
has no computerized information and billing system
method nor does any types of technology to make the
transaction easier. Because of these problems from
their existing system, the said dental clinic really
needs a computerized system for more accurate
records and transactions.

1.3 General Objectives
1.3.1 General Objectives
To develop an online Patient Information and Billing
System that will provide an efficient way of storing
records and generating reports.
This project is aimed to develop patient information
with billing...
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