OP1a Brief On Information Speech 8COMISS AY2015 S1

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  • Published : May 11, 2015
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School of Interdisciplinary Studies
English Language and Contemporary Studies (8COMISS)
Oral Presentation Brief: The Information Speech

Read this brief carefully. It is important to arrive on time and be prepared for each class. You are expected to plan and prepare two speeches in this module. The first is the Information Speech. All speeches and presentation materials must be duly written or typed and a copy must be submitted to your tutor. Dress Code

Plan your wardrobe in advance to be appropriately dressed for each speech presentation. You need not be in formal attire for every class, but do not come in shorts, slippers, mini-skirts or revealing and transparent clothes. Your attire must enhance your image, so elegance and simplicity should be your main consideration for your wardrobe selection. Zany clothes are allowed but they must reveal taste and style. Remember, the focus of the audience should be on your speech and the messages that you want to deliver. Your clothes should not be a distraction to the audience.

Informative Speech, Presenting an Argument or a Tribute -- 10 Marks

Objective: The purpose of this speech is for you to select an idea, issue, event or a policy or a controversial law that you are passionate about, and inform or educate your audience about it. You are required to research, select and organize the facts, views, perspectives and analysis on the subject and inform your audience. The Dress Code advice is to be adhered to in this presentation. You must not repeat your previous speech(s) for this assessment. Students must select and declare the topic and there must not be any repetition of the same topic by two students.

Preparation Pointers:
You must prepare a 5 to 8 minute speech on an approved topic or subject cleared by your tutor. This is to avoid repetition of topics.
You must include a cover page for your speech.
Refer to the handout on possible and suitable topics and...
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