Oscars law

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  • Published : March 6, 2014
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Good Morning today I will speak about Oscar’s law and why we should stop puppy farms. Oscar’s law is a campaign speaking out against Puppy farms. Puppy farms are places where people breed dogs badly in un hygienic conditions and the dogs are born dysfunctional.

Puppy farms should be stopped because the dogs are bred in small cages and are forced to have a minimum of 5 litters and most of them are inbred. The cages that the dogs stay in are small, unhygienic because they rarely get cleaned. the cages that the dogs are kept in are so close together and have electrical fences to stop the dogs from escaping. The puppies are not allowed to be out of their cages to exercise, play, go to the toilet, see any humans or even socialize.

Some people have seen what it is truly like in a puppy farm and they have taken many photos of the dogs as proof. The dogs are not checked by any vets so the dogs have long term health issues and behavioural problems because they haven’t been treated well and were born in cages with lack of suitable integration into family life. Some of the animals never see daylight and they slowly go crazy by turing in constant circles and pacing up and down the cage.

Puppy Farms should be stopped because The dogs bark and yap so loud you can hardly hear yourself think. The smell of urine is everywhere and the dogs are scared of everything or any loud noise near them. Some farms have up to 700 animals on their properties a one time. The dogs are kept in these horrible conditions for their whole lives just for breeding and once they aren’t profitable any more they kill them.

The dogs living in puppy farms are normally covered in large matts and are often inbred. The animals are deprived from even their basic needs because the current law is only concerned about their shelter, food and water. Dogs from puppy farms can be sold in different places and buying from these places are supporting them they are mostly sold in the pet shops, they also can...
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