Outsourcing in India

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Outsourcing or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO ) to countries belonging to the developing classification is the present trend . The establishment of outsourcing as an essential component in the world economy is a result of explosive growth of internet , development of the information society , and globalization . The outsourcing of Information Technology (IT ) emerged during the time of the start of every corner

of the world being brought together by the internet and the national barriers of countries all over the globe were brought down by globalization. In information technology industry , outsourcing to developing countries is the latest strategy of companies from developed countries mainly as a cost-cutting mechanism . Outsourcing now is not merely other firms handling operations and services of other companies but rather it has crossed the national bs . Parts of the IT aspects or the whole business functions are now executed and managed by different companies in developing countries like India , Brazil , China , Israel , and Philippines . These developing countries have companies which cater to the needs of big companies in developed countries . Outsourcing to other countries is thus the provision of services like those associated with information technology by companies of developing countries to sustain the needs of the companies which are in developed countries . The primary driving force of big companies in developing countries employing outsourcing in developing countries are : higher efficiency , better quality of services , and cheaper labor cost . The growth of the information technology sector of India has been unparalleled since the liberation of the Indian Telecom sector in 1994 The progression of India as a global outsourcing provider is continuous since then . Today , this country is the primary outsourcing provider in the world , holding the 44 of global outsourcing market in back-office services and software . At the end of 2005 the...
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