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  • Published : April 9, 2014
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“The rich become richer and the poor become poorer is a cry heard throughout the whole civilized world.” Such are the words of Freidrich Schiller, a well-known German philosopher from the 1700’s. Though his words are over three hundred years old, they remain true to this day. The earth as it is today has changed in ways that people could never have imagined. While some parts of it march steadily into the realm of modernization and high technology, the rest of the world is left behind. In a world with both developed and developing countries, a person born into a developed country will naturally leave a much bigger environmental footprint.

In the modern world, people have become accustomed to high living standards where electricity, automobiles, and other energy-consuming resources are practically taken for granted. Most of the people in the world could only dream of such privileges. The price for such extreme levels of energy use does not go unseen: the chemical emissions of industrialized countries are drastically greater than that of third-world countries. What comes with modernization is environmental destruction, and thus is unavoidable for those living in modern countries.

Still, most attention regarding overpopulation is given to third-world countries. Because of the alarming rates of child mortality and other influences, inhabitants of these countries resort to having many children, children that they often cannot provide for. The overwhelming population of countries in poverty has depleted resources and resulted in unsuitable living conditions for many families. But all of these people put together could not amount to the amount of waste developed countries emit. Though they do not struggle with the inability to sustain its population, the toxic fumes released into the atmosphere daily quickly brings our earth closer to being unable to supply for any of us.

Considering the long history of slavery and abuse that have been imposed on developing...
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