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  • Published : February 28, 2014
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Byanca Cuevas
Article 1
Eng 1301 Mel Klue
Week 4
The Fight against Bullying In Schools Expands to Store Shelves

This article refers to how people are taking issue of bullying a lot more serious in schools. General mills the brand of frozen vegetables introduced a campaign called “Raise a Giant” to help prevent the bullying. They made an outline animated video for parents that have a child as a narrator. Expressing the bully and the victim’s story it’s simple but gets s the point across. They do this so parents can talk to their children and help them through the situation and be able to guide them.

A book was written by the name of “Sticks and stones” it was made to help with bullying. There was also a body spray and deodorant called “Mean Stinks” which was made for little girls introduced in 2011. Every time the product was purchased a dollar would go to the girls on the run, which is a non-profit group that’s for empowerment. Not only did they make these products they advertised through little things such as little girls wearing “pinkie swear” which was nail polish advertised for the cause of bullying. Bullying was being brought to attention for all the advertising and events that were being planned for the cause.

This article hits home for me because I know some kids that have been bullied at times. Bullying is something that needs to be taken serious. So many people weren’t taking bullying serious for so long until an even occurred with a little girl who was bullied so bad until she couldn’t take it anymore and she took her own life. When this event occurred so many people began to take things with bullying serious. Before this event occurred and it was exposed through the media all over kids were dyeing and killing themselves due to the issue of bullying.

In my opinion it’s awesome that all the things that are being done to try and prevent bullying from happening. The fact that they are making it so...
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