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  • Published : October 2, 2014
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In the writing, The Worst is yet to Come, Philip Reeve highlights his opinion on the future outlook of our young adults and how grim it has become over the years due to how the media presents the future of our world and its occupants. His opinion is based off of thorough research and personal experience of media that is meant especially for our young adult generations.

Reeve's writing doesn't waste any time or effort in making his statement. The first paragraph does amazing in referencing his views on the situation by stating, “Tomorrow isn't what it used to be. The latest trend in young adult fiction features visions of the future, and most of them are pretty grim.” This quote by Reeve is the main focus and point of his writing in which he has made clear and precise. Coincidentally I feel that Reeve's opinion could also have a grim and negative effect on young adults, as well as everyone else, by mainly focusing on the negative.

Even though Reeve's focus is largely on movies that are popular for their grim outlooks, that isn't his only focus in this reading. He also brings up a large array of books and other readings he has personally come into contact with, that also help him make a clear and well organized piece. This is proven in his statement, “There was no YA genre as such when I was younger but I grew up reading grim tales about life after the bomb by such authors as Robert C. O' Brien.” He gather, collects and emphasizes a great amount of information in his writing allowing him to make his point thorough. YA Dystopian literature includes books that are set in worlds with fatal flaws, and they are “nothing new” according to his quote in the second paragraph which states “ Dystopias, of course, are nothing new. Ever since H. G. Wells's Martians trashed London back in 1898, science fiction has delighted in showing us our world in ruins.”

However, as clear as Mr. Reeve's points are, he still came back a contradicted himself on page 227 by...
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