Patient Falls

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  • Published : August 31, 2013
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This critique is about an article on patient fall in an acute care hospital setting and why and what are the leading causes to these fall incident. The definition of a fall is described as any event in which the patients are found on the floor; it could be an observed or unobserved fall. There are various types of equipments and special devices to prevent falls; however, many falls still take place, and it is a serious problem in hospitals. Protection of Human participants:

This research involves the participation of patients who fell during hospitalization, the patients’ families, and health care workers who witnessed such incidents. The researchers looked into the patients’ health records, which included any history of adverse events, and they assured all participants that personal information given by them remained private and confidential to avoid ethical issues, like revealing private information and causing harm to the participant. For the study, review board approval from the hospital was obtained. To collect data, all patients, their families, nurses and witnesses of patients falling gave their written informed consent first before voluntarily giving information during their interviews. This study has been done so that new ideas can be brought up to lower the rate of falls occurring and thus improve the quality of the lives of patients. A benefit that researchers did not identify is that the results of the study relieve not only the patients but also the patients’ families and health care workers. The participants contributed to the ongoing medical research and helped make a difference for the present and the future. However, this study may have required the participants to stay at the research location for long hours and endure difficult, time-consuming procedures, a risk not mentioned by the researchers.
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