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  • Published : October 26, 2013
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Name: Anussia

IPC SGD 8: Patient Interview.

On the 24th of July 2013, me n my groupmates interviewed a patient at Hospital Kepala Batas. His name is Tan Jin Kew aged 49. He is a single guy, no relatives or family and currently not working. His health problem started off with symptoms such as shivering and feverish. After a normal check up at a clinic, he came to know that he is suffering from kidney failure and have to undergo dialysis thrice a week 0and up to 4 hours long each time. He informed that he is being given 5 types of medication which regulates the blood pressure, supplies additional nutrients to the bone and also for urination. The unique thing about Tan is that he took everything positively and hoping for better recovery. His only sadness is that he could not eat well, sleep had eluded him and there is the swelling of his limbs and face. Nevertheless, he had adapted to the surrounding very well and infact enjoys the hospitality due to the friendliness of the hospital staffs. In his past,he admitted that he was a heavy smoker and an alcoholic but later quitted drinking. He revealed that he have no worries about his sickness because he had placed all his trust on the doctor who attends him. His discomfort was the insertion of needles on parts of his body as he feels quite a bit of pain. As he is a single guy with no family, this sickness, hospitalization and unemployment doesn't affect him at all. When asked about discharge and going back home, he said that it is better going back after a full treatment rather than going back and forth again and again between his house and the hospital. About the hospital payment, it is covered by the company's insurance under which he worked for the past 30 years. He also praised the physician for their commitment and their effort. It can be seen clearly that he have a good interaction and relationship with his physicians. He’s satisfied with the way the physicians interact with him because they...
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