People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology. Do You Agree?

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  • Published : August 26, 2013
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Argumentative Essay
In the present situation, people use technology to do almost everything for them. They use technology for trivial works like performing household chores to complex actions like executing complicated computer programs. According to my opinion, people have become extremely dependent on technology. Nowadays, people have laptops, eBooks, etc. and in some advanced countries like Japan, human teachers are being replaced with robot ones. Furthermore, we get the latest news from the television rather than from the newspapers, and we need to use a calculator to do even the simplest mathematical problems. Firstly and most importantly, people use technology for performing their household chores as well as for solving even the simplest mathematics. The traditional way of writing and sending letters is now being replaced with communication by the mobiles, emails, SMS, etc. Not too long ago, our previous generations got the latest news of their time through newspapers. Nowadays, we watch television or browse the Internet for the latest news. We also cannot travel on foot for only 50 meters. We need to travel on cars because technology makes us too lazy to walk for even a short distance. Secondly, students take advantage of the Internet for their school assignments. We are not learning anything from plagiarizing and collating information from the Internet. Mizanur Rahman, aged 12, cannot do anything at all related with education without the use of Internet. “I am dependent on the Internet”, he replied unabashedly when he was asked why he cannot do his school assignments, homework, etc. without the use of the Internet. It is not only Mizanur Rahman who is dependent on technology for education, millions of other children need technology to perform their trivial school works as well. Even though most of the people in the world are becoming exceedingly reliant on technology, it is a bit different in developing countries, where technology has not established...
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