People Need People

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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People need People
Older generations always say how much harder they had it. When I talked to my mom about how she grew up, she told me about how harshly her mom disciplined her when she got home after curfew –drunk, and she got handcuffed to the toilet, so she would not throw up anywhere, but in that toilet. It did work; my mom never came home drunk again. She didn’t want my brother and me to come home drunk, so she let us drink in front of her; however, she would use her contacts at work and around town to keep an eye on us. If we did bad things, she would know and we would get a beating when we got home. People today would say that was too harsh. My brother and I had a self-reliant childhood, for the most part; my mom was a single parent who always had a job, so we were alone most evenings after school. In America today we have a, “I don’t need your help, I can do it myself!” culture that causes us to be independent, free thinking individuals with a complete disregard for the people we come in contact with on a day to day basis. The feedback we get from interacting with teachers, enemies, and friends shape who we are, and how much we can give back to the culture we live. Today’s generation, 2000 and beyond, are to be thought of as fragile (Carpenter and Ferguson). They might get mad and take a gun to school, all because a kid is “bullying” them. I get that bullying is bad, but many kids older than this generation have grown up with bullies. I was bullied. I could have got revenge on those who picked on me, but I would have never thought to go get a gun and shoot the bully. I knew he was not going to be in my life forever. I did not feel I needed to get him back, directly. I also knew the consequences; getting arrested and being put in jail were not worth it. I also had enough self-worth not to kill myself over it. I had very little self-esteem, but I did meet people who came into my life who told me I was worth something and were willing to be my friends....
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