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  • Published : October 20, 2013
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I am very keen to gain expertise in mathematics and finance, and have recently been studying at Queen Mary’s College London for a B.Sc. in Mathematics, which I was unable to complete. This was due to family crisis that has since been resolved. However, this setback has not deterred me; I am still very much driven, if anything I am even more determined to succeed. Growing up in a developing country has made me very aware of the need for economic reform, and of how important it is to create well structured financial sectors in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs), as well as to improve the systems in Newly Industrialised Countries (NICs). Nigeria has been blessed with wealth, especially from her oil, but this has been squandered by poor governance and internal conflict. Reading 'Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet' by Jeffrey Sachs gave me a greater theoretical grasp of globalisation, and of the economic problems that the world faces and the possible strategies that would enable countries to maximise their potential. I feel that I got a sound basic grasp of alternative perspectives on the world economy through my A level studies in economics and geography. They were a good mixture of subjects, encouraging me to analyse the financial impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on both European and developing economies, while also getting a sense of the amount of physical and political changes that have to be implemented when countries (mostly LEDCs) have been through natural disasters, and the extent to which their economy is affected. Studying statistics, geometry, algebra and calculus during my first year of undergraduate mathematics taught me the value of Pure Mathematics. I learnt in detail different proofs to the basic mathematical theory that I had learnt in childhood. I also came to appreciate the adaptability of the different mathematics modules, and of the way they can be implemented in various fields, from...
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