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  • Published : May 6, 2015
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Name:Bernard Toth
Introduction (14 points total)
Attention getter (_/5): How many bullets do you think a high capacity magazine holds? …….. 11 round but they can go all the way up to 20 in hand guns and 45 in rifles Importance statement (_/2): This is important because lowering the magazine size will prevent the amount of people being shot at in a shooting since there will not be as many bullets in the magazine. Credibility statement (_/2): I researched this topic over a couple days using various scholarly sources Preview (_/2): I am going to talk about why high capacity magazines should be illegal and how we can put a ban on them and then what it would look like with a ban on the high capacity magazines. Thesis (_/2): High capacity magazines should be illegal in the US because they provide a easy way to kill many people in a short period of time. Transition (_/1): Now lets go into the main points on why high capacity magazines should be illegal in the U.S Body (30 points total)

NEED / PROBLEM (_/2) High capacity magazine need to be illegal in the US Sub-point 1(_/3) High capacity magazines provide the shooter with the ability to carry many bullets without having to constantly reload his firearm. Sub-point 2(_/3) If the shooter can easily shoot people with a lot of bullets more people can die and the time that he isn’t spent reloading will be spent shooting since he has a high capacity magazine Transition (_/2) Now lets talk a little bit about the solutions that can be done. SATISFCATION (_/2) A simple bill or law can be passed by congress that would put into effect a nationwide ban on high capacity magazines. Sub-point 1 (_/3) Within the bill there can be an option to register high capacity magazines for the people that already own them. So that their money will not be wasted. There can also be a refund by the government that they will give you the money for the high capacity magazine so that they can take it away from the owner. Sub-point 2 (_/3) Then...
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