Views on Gun Control

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  • Published : December 11, 2014
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Casey Wall
Philosophy 215
The Views on Gun Control
Gun control has been a hot topic around the world and especially in the United States. In light of all the recent school and public shootings, many believe that gun control is a much needed change. For others, they fear the fewer guns available the more crime will raise. First discussed will be the laws already in place on guns. Next will be what views people have on limiting guns. Lastly is what the views on less gun laws do for the United States.

In the United States the laws for guns differ from state to state. Certain states allow certain guns, whereas other states do not allow those types of guns. North Carolina specifically has several different laws for guns. However, North Carolina does not have a ban on all guns. North Carolina has regulation on the following: assault weapons, fifty caliber rifles, and on non-powder guns (Hirsh).

In North Carolina, to purchase a hand gun there are a couple of things a person must do. The first is to fill out the application for the county sheriff. Once the sheriff has looked over the application the sheriff will then complete a background check and a criminal record check on the applicant (NCDOJ). Many other states in the United States has a law similar to this. The main part of the law is the background check. This checks for criminal offenses, and/or terrorist flags.

Many people that the root of the problem today are guns. That guns are what are killing innocent kids sitting in class, or people trying to enjoy a movie at the local theater. In recent years, these horrible events are true. “Over the past 14 months the United States has been rocked by three tragic mass shootings. First, in July 2012, 12 people were killed and dozens wounded…Months later, in December 2012, a man shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School…slaughtered 20 children and six adults. Finally, in September 2013, a man entered the Washington, D.C. Navy yard...
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