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  • Published : August 8, 2013
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Introduction (100-150 words)
Nowadays, the globe market is influenced by emerging markets. Emerging markets play increasingly important roles in the global market. (Keen et al. 2011) •Large enterprises face some situations when they invest in emerging markets. (Peltonen et al. 2012) •Why do large enterprises want to invest in emerging markets? (Peltonen et al. 2012) •This essay will explore the main characteristics with regard to economics, human resources, policy and business administration.

Main Body (800 words)
Section 1: (500 words)
Describe four main characteristics in emerging markets and give some examples: •One of the characteristics in emerging markets is high volatility and low correlations. Emerging countries implement different monetary, fiscal policy and accounting standards to developed countries. Therefore, the business cycle is difference to developed and emerging countries. Even it can be negative correlation. For example, emerging markets have a small extent influence in financial crisis in 2008. (Stein et al. 2009) •A second characteristic in emerging markets is low labor cost. The average revenue is lower than the other countries because the emerging countries used to focus on labor intensive industries, such as agriculture. •A third characteristic is emerging countries have gone through a process of liberalization usually legislate for protecting labor’s rights and change fiscal policy. Then, the companies need to change their operation to fit the new laws. (Keen 2011; Hoskisson et al. 2000) •A fourth characteristic in emerging markets have small market size. Emerging markets have opened their domestic markets to particular commercial league. (Keen et al. 2011)

Section 2: (300 words)
What characteristics will large enterprises encounter when they invest in emerging markets? •Large enterprises can spread risks by invest in emerging markets because the markets have low correlations to global economic. •Large enterprises...
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