Professional Banker Certificate

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  • Published : February 24, 2014
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Professional Banker Certificate
Professional Banker Diploma

Chartered Banker Institute

Performance through Professionalism Chartered Banker Institute

At the Chartered Banker Institute, we are committed to raising the standards of professionalism at all levels in banking and financial services. Professional membership of the UK’s only remaining banking institute will provide you with a range of resources to study for a recognised banking qualification and encourage life-long learning through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our professional education programmes will support you in the performance of your role and in your career aspirations enabling you to achieve “Performance through Professionalism”.

What is the Professional Banker Certificate (PBC)?
The PBC is an introductory qualification for individuals working in retail, business and private banking environments. The course has been designed at the request of, and in consultation with, the banking and financial services sector. It requires no prior learning or qualifications and is available to any individual wishing to demonstrate their commitment to professionalism. It introduces areas of critical importance to the effective performance of a professional banker, including key ethical, regulatory, economic, legal and credit issues.

How will the PBC benefit me and my organisation?
On completion of the PBC individuals will be able to:

Demonstrate their commitment to ethical and professional standards.

Describe the financial services industry and the economic environment.

Understand the legal and regulatory frameworks which govern the financial services sector.

Understand how to meet the needs of a range of customers in a professional and responsible manner.

Demonstrate an understanding of credit and lending.

Understand risk and exposure to risk, and how such exposure can be managed.

In a recent YouGov UK-wide survey, when asked about confidence in the banking sector, 88% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that “All bankers should take professional banking exams”.

Key facts

The cost of £260 includes course materials, an e-learning support module, the examination entry fee (if
booked within six months of registration), access to the members’ section of our website and one year’s
membership of the Institute, including one year’s subscription to “Chartered Banker” magazine.

You will have access to an on-line bank of mock examination questions.

You can sit the on-line examination at one of our examination centres throughout the UK.

The examination will consist of 100 multiple choice questions.

You need 60% to pass.

You will receive an instant result.

You should be able to complete the PBC in less than six months.

Professional Banker Diploma
The PBC is the beginning of a learning journey towards, and a stepping stone to the Professional Banking Diploma. This involves completing the PBC together with two additional modules, each at a cost of £195 and having the same other “Key facts” as the PBC, from the list below:

Banking Operations

Call Centre Operations

Commercial Property

Complaint Handling

Financial Crime & Money Laundering

Introduction to Business Banking

Introduction to Credit

Introduction to Risk

Sales & Service

Team Leadership

One or more Institute accredited/bespoke modules designed to meet employer needs.

Individuals may continue their studies progressing towards an Advanced Diploma and, ultimately, Chartered Banker – the gold standard of financial professionalism.


Other qualified




Develops range of
cognitive, critical
& intellectual skills

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