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  • Published : August 23, 2014
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The product as the first p something that is taken to the market to be noticed, sold, applied, or consumed; which is possible to satisfy a need or desire. Product can be a physical object, service, location, organization, or even an idea or thought (Moheb Ali et al, 1385: 195). The ultimate goal of organizations is to produce the products which are better and superior in one or more aspects compared with others to be welcomed by customers and make them to pay well for each product (Cutler, 179:1379). Vignali in an article with the title of McDonald: the globalization thought by using marketing mix states that in marketing mix, McDonald has offered its product by creating a standard procedure that is the same in all parts of the world, according to the tastes and traditions of different countries and their laws. For instance, Big Mac is served without cheese in Israel, or it is served in Indian McDonald's restaurants with specific types of vegetables and lamb meat. And also the limitations which are imposed by various religions are considered (vignali, 2001: 99). 1.1.Brand

The name and logo of a product is an important component of goods in consumers' views, and the brand name adds value to every goods. For example, consumers consider a bottle of cologne with famous brand name, as an expensive and high-quality merchandise. But if this bottle lacks any indication of the brand, even if the flavor is similar, shall be considered as low quality merchandise. The brand differentiates the goods and services that are offered by competitors. A good brand makes the consumer loyal. A research showed that among the present dish washing liquids, the housewives are the most loyal to Goli, Jaam, and Rika. These three groups of customers buy their desired dish washing liquid regularly. The interesting point was that all customers have considered the same characteristics for a good dish washing liquid (e.g. cleaning power, concentration, high foam, etc). But it was believed...
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