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  • Published : July 5, 2013
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summer training project report


Submitted in the pursuant to the ordinance
for the award of Degree of

master of business administration

Under the guidance of:Under the Supervision of:
Dr. Anoop Kumar SinghMr. Anand Pratap Singh
Course Director Branch Head- Lucknow
Faculty of ManagementReliance Money
Institute of Management Sciences
University of Lucknow

Submitted by
Amit Kumar Pal
Roll No.11001118003
MBA (MS) 2011-13



I Amit Kumar Pal, student of MBA(MS) 3rd semester, Institute of Management Sciences, University of Lucknow, hereby declares that I have successfully completed my summer training project report on “Comparison Between Reliance Money’s Product With Other Financial Institution”. I hereby declare that all the information provided in this project report are true to the fullest of my knowledge and it bear no resemblance to any other written material whatsoever.

In the event of any information provided in this report being found incorrect or misleading, I shall be liable to any outcome at any at any given day.


Amit Kumar Pal
Roll No.11001118003


I would like to thank the almighty god for the blessing he has given to me to complete this project work successfully. The objective of summer training is to provide us with as opportunity to experience the aspect of management in an organization. I am deeply indebted to HOD Dr. Anoop Kumar Singh and my Faculty guide Dr. Sanjeev Verma for their guidance and support. Who arranges and guides me in summer training. I would like to express my heart full gratitude to Mr. Anand Pratap Singh (Branch Head), Mr. Akash Kumar (Relationship Manager) who helped me in sharpening my thinking by cheerfully providing challenging comments and questions. Without the individuals have provided, this project would have lost much of its refreshing realism. Last but not the least I would like to thanks my parents for their blessings, which they always showers upon me.

Amit Kumar Pal Roll No. 11001118003


The Indian capital market has been increasing tremendously during last few years. With the reforms of economy, reforms of industrial policy, reforms of public sector and reforms of financial sector, the economy has been opened up and many developments have been taking place in the Indian money market and capital market. The Sensex first crossed 6,000 on February 11, 2000, fuelled by the IT boom, but closed below that mark. On November 23, 2004, it closed above 6,000 for the first time. In order to help the small investors, mutual fund industry has come to occupy an important place. The spread of the banking system has been a major factor in promoting financial intermediation in the economy and in the growth of financial savings. With progressive liberalization of economic policies, there has been a rapid growth of capital market, money market and financial services industry including merchant banking, leasing and venture capital. Consistent with this evolution of the financial sector, the mutual fund industry has also come to occupy an important place. In the FY2006 capital market has been riding on a roller coaster. In the month of April this year the bullish run in the stock market has pushed the Sensex up above the 12000 mark. On the 10th day of next month the Sensex touched it’s best ever closing level of 12612. However, the slide started soon after it and the Sensex fall from peak to trough in May with 2214 points. This project, titled, “COMPARISON BETWEEN RELIANCE MONEY’S PRODUCT WITH OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTION”” examines the effect these changes in stock markets are having on the...
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