Pros and cons of immigration to Asoa

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  • Published : May 28, 2014
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Ekaterina Evchenko
1st studying year, Faculty of Philosophy
Essay “Pros and cons of immigration to Asia”
Globalization brings a new immigration trend to Russia. People consider immigration to Asia as an easy opportunity to create a new life. Some of them want to have a better education; some of them want to start a business or family overseas especially in those Asian countries like China and Japan. However, some people do suffer from their immigration due to the cultural differences. This essay gives some general ideas regarding to the pros and cons of immigrating to an Asian country. Better opportunities for future development is the most important reason for people to immigrate to Asia. In Asia, there are many developing countries like China and the Philippines. These countries are in the progress of globalization, they need specialists who know different languages to help for their development. This provides many opportunities for immigrants who usually know various foreign languages, and hance, gives a better career path to them. Besides, education is also a reason for immigration. There are many top universities in Asia such as Tsinghua University and the University of Tokyo. Many people also consider immigration is a pipeline for them or their children to enter those top universities. Exchanging values and cultures is also a benefit can be gained out of immigration. People immigrating to a foreign country usually face a huge culture shock. By experiencing the culture shock, people can actually have a chance to reflect to their own culture. Ideally, those people can absorb the good sides of the two cultures and eliminate the weaknesses of the cultures. Since the Russian culture is quite different from some of the Asian cultures, this culture can act even more effectively. For example, in Chinese culture, Taoism emphasizes living in harmony, be natural and spontaneous. On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks of immigration. First of all, it is...
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